For most people, real estate means their home. It is likely the most significant financial investment that you will make in your lifetime. The process begins for a buyer by locating the home that’s just right for them. You may do it on your own or you may retain the services of a real estate agent who can professionally provide the services you need to make sure that the house you choose is appropriate and the price you’re paying is the market value. If you are a seller, you are concerned with viewing the offering writing on your own or if you have a real estate agent through your real estate agent. As a seller, you will also need to produce the documents which would transfer ownership of the property to the new owner. As a buyer, you are stuck with the tasks which include a home inspection, ordering title, and of course putting together the financing for the home purchase.

All of the tasks listed above, whether you are a buyer or seller, are usually outside of the average experience for a buyer or seller. It is for this reason that it makes sense to have an experienced attorney to handle your transaction, whether you are buying or selling.

As a practicing attorney, David A. Semanchik has represented many buyers and sellers of real estate. Often the transactions go smooth, although sometimes there are delays and sometimes the transactions never are completed for a variety of reasons. You may be dissatisfied with the process and want to “kill the deal” with that particular person; however, oftentimes there are only specific ways in which a contract can be cancelled so that you will receive your deposit monies back. As a seller, you may wish to cancel a transaction, however, it may be difficult to do so unless the buyer has failed to do certain things. Again, the transaction itself may seem straightforward but the devil is in the details. For all these reasons, it is highly recommended to have counsel to guide you through this process.

Attorney David A. Semanchik has also represented persons and entities in the purchase of commercial properties which include businesses. These transactions are always complex and fraught with difficulties and pitfalls which could have a very negative impact on the outcome. If you are considering the purchase of commercial property with or without a business or selling commercial property with or without a business, we can help you with the transaction and it is highly recommended that you have counsel.

You may also be considering the purchase of a business that may include the lease of real estate. There are many pitfalls in such transactions, some of which could result in you owing unpaid sales and use and income taxes of the prior owner. Legal representation is required for a good outcome.

Finally, you may already own real estate and wish to do something with it that may be beyond the allowed use of the property. In such cases, you may have to seek a variance from the land use law in the town of which you reside. Such an application requires other professional involvement such as engineers and surveyors. The process also requires an appearance before a zoning board or planning board depending on the type of application you are making. You will require professional assistance of an experienced land use attorney to do so. You may also wish to subdivide your property which would require again certain applications and appearances before the zoning board and/or planning board depending on the application. Our attorney can assist you with such applications.

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