Tax issues often result from a series of small miscalculations that add up over time and turn into big problems. Dealing with something like an IRS tax dispute can cause you and your family an overwhelming amount of emotional and financial stress. However, there is a path forward. At the Law Office of David A. Semanchik, we strive to protect your interests during this difficult time. If the IRS or state tax authorities have sent you a Notice of Levy and are starting collection procedures against you, we will stand in your corner and be your voice. No matter what your tax concern may be, we are not interested in dolling out blame. Instead, our focus is on helping you get out of this tough situation so that you can move forward with your life.

Working Out a Deal With the Tax Authorities

We all hope for the tax process to be painless. However, for many individuals and businesses in Toms River and the rest of New Jersey, this isn’t the case. People fall behind on filing their taxes for a number of different reasons, such as a lack of funds, errors in calculation, and more. The IRS can also make mistakes of its own. When this happens, you need to reach out for guidance now rather than later.



Our attorney at the Law Office of David A. Semanchik will seek to negotiate a favorable result on your behalf. By working out an agreement with the IRS or the State of New Jersey, our team may be able to help you avoid the seizure of your property and bank accounts, and stop the garnishment of your wages. Here are a few options that might be able to provide you with some relief.

Installment Payment Plans

Taxpayers may enter into an installment agreement to pay off their back taxes. Entering into a monthly payment plan can satisfy the IRS and reduce harassing phone calls and other collection efforts.

Offer in Compromise

An “offer in compromise” allows you to settle your back taxes for less than the amount owed. Essentially, the IRS will reduce your debts through a settlement offer.

Penalty Abatement

You might be able to eliminate your tax liability altogether. If you’ve received misleading advice from the IRS, or you’ve experienced any sort of error or other reasonable cause for concern, you can request to eliminate your tax penalties up to a certain point.

Contact us at our office in Toms River to discuss the details of your IRS or state tax problem in a no-fee strategy session. We represent clients throughout the area, including Brick Township, Manchester, Lacey, and the rest of Ocean County.

Tax Litigation in New Jersey

Tax disputes can sometimes be resolved outside of court. However, in the event that we are not able to negotiate an agreement, we can pursue litigation. Litigation associated with federal, state, and local taxes must be brought in the right kind of court. Here are three typical litigation options and what you might expect with each one:

  • U.S. Tax Court—Most tax cases are litigated here. The United States Tax Court’s jurisdiction includes the authority to hear most disputes concerning a taxpayer’s income taxes, IRS collection activities that could be considered coercive, and other disputes.

  • U.S District Court—In order to file a tax case in the U.S. District Court, you must pay the disputed amount and then request a refund from the IRS. After receiving a denial, you may file a suit for a refund in your U.S. District Court.

  • U.S Bankruptcy Court—We are honored to help clients in Ocean County and surrounding areas gain a fresh financial start through the bankruptcy process. If you are going to file for bankruptcy, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court might be able to help resolve your tax issues.

Like every state, New Jersey has its own set of rules and regulations that come into play whenever there’s a tax problem. For more information about how to resolve your debt and get back on your feet, get in touch with the Law Office of David A. Semanchik.


When you feel financially and emotionally trapped, don’t wait for things to get worse. For over three decades, Attorney Semanchik has offered cost-effective, compassionate tax services to residents of Toms River and the rest of New Jersey, including Brick Township, Manasquan, Manchester, and Lacey. Reach out to our tax lawyer to set up a free appointment.