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Legal Assistance For Your Guardianship Needs

Vulnerable seniors and minors often need to have a guardianship established on their behalf, in the event of incapacitation or a profound disability. In setting up this protection, you should consult with an experienced and skilled legal professional who can safeguard your family’s interests.

In Toms River, Manchester and Ocean County, New Jersey, the guardianship and elder care lawyer who can help you can be found at the Law Office of David A. Semanchik. We encourage estate planning clients from all walks of life — individuals, couples and families — to establish a will, trust, durable power of attorney and other essential documents to ensure that personal, financial and medical matters are handled by a trusted person. When that solid documentation does not exist or is no longer valid, a guardianship may be used to care for a loved one with special needs if he or she is no longer capable of making decisions.

Creating Guardianships in New Jersey for More Than 25 Years

Pursuing a guardianship can be a difficult decision. Our law firm gives you the facts and options you should be aware of, which can lead to the correct course of action.

When you visit our office, Toms River guardianship attorney David A. Semanchik will explain the primary functions of a guardianship such as:

  • Responsibility for care, control and protection of the person under guardianship, deciding where he or she will live, as well as authority to consent to medical treatment
  • Responsibility for management of all of the elderly relative’s personal property, real property and assets
  • Responsibility for a minor child or senior who is unable to attend to his or her own care or make financial decisions

When a family member needs a guardian in Ocean County, speak with David A. Semanchik about all aspects of the process and the necessary guardianship tools. If no one in your family is available to assume guardianship responsibilities, we can help you to determine other alternatives.

Contact an Ocean County Attorney for Guardianship Administration Issues

For a no-fee strategy session with Toms River guardianships attorney David A. Semanchik, contact us. Call toll free today: 888-691-1099 or send us an email. An evening or appointment is available upon request.