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When An Estate Dispute Requires Legal Action

If a will contest has complicated your loved one’s estate administration, and a distribution of assets and property to beneficiaries is not going as smoothly as you had hoped, the estate litigation attorney who can help you in Ocean County is David A. Semanchik.

At the Toms River Law Office of David A. Semanchik, we provide solid support and timely counsel when disputes arise between the executor of an estate and the potential beneficiaries of a will. We work hard to respect the true intentions of the decedent and to honor his or her explicit final wishes.

With more than 25 years as a successful, trusted probate litigation lawyer in Toms River, firm founder David A. Semanchik works closely with the relatives and potential heirs of an estate to resolve disputes over contested property, personal property, bank accounts and debts. He is committed to advocating for your best interests at all times — in a court of law if necessary.

Handling Will Contests, Trust Disputes and All Types of Probate Litigation

Our Toms River estate litigation attorney represents clients who need to:

  • Contest authenticity of a will or trust
  • Determine the rightful executor in an estate administration
  • Litigate disputes between a will’s executor and potential beneficiaries
  • Deal with accusations of undue influence, incompetency or last-minute changes to a will
  • Petition for removal of an executor due to breach of fiduciary responsibility

Mr. Semanchik fully understands the wide variety of legal complexities and emotional factors that can cause or aggravate a dispute over a will. His comforting expertise and personal service can ease your confusion and frustration, and bring you peace of mind.

Contact an Inheritance Dispute Attorney Serving Manchester Township, New Jersey

Contact us for no-fee strategy session with a Toms River will contest attorney. Call today, toll free, and tell us if you need an evening or weekend appointment. We can be reached at 888-691-1099 or by email.