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Make Your Life Easier With A Clear Criminal Record

Having a criminal conviction on your record can make your life much more difficult than it should be. It can be tough to get a job or a loan, or even find a place to live. In fact, even having an arrest on your record, without a conviction, can cause these problems. Fortunately, the expungement process may be an option you can use to wipe your criminal record clean.

At the Law Office of David A. Semanchik, we have more than 25 years of experience in New Jersey criminal law, and we can help you understand whether an expungement may be available in your situation. We want to help you put the arrest or conviction behind you so you can move forward with a clean slate.

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Understanding Expungements in New Jersey

If you are granted a record expungement, all your criminal records that are on file with any New Jersey court, correctional facility or law enforcement agency will be sealed. This means that any record of arrests and convictions will be kept from public view. Potential employers will not be able to see the record, and you will be able to honestly answer “no” when asking if you have ever been arrested or charged with a crime. Remember, you need an expungement even if you were found not guilty or your case was dismissed.

When Can You File for an Expungement?

You should speak with our Toms River expungement attorney before drawing any concrete conclusions about when you can file. However, here are some basic guidelines about eligibility:

  • Indictable offenses: Generally, you can apply for expungement 10 years after the date of conviction. As of 2010, there are some indictable offenses eligible for expungement after only five years.
  • Disorderly persons offenses: Generally, you can have these offenses expunged after five years have passed, assuming you have not been convicted of any other crimes in the interim.
  • Drug crimes: Generally, records involving sale or distribution of drugs cannot be expunged. There are exceptions to this rule for certain marijuana offenses and third- or fourth-degree offenses.
  • Juvenile offenses: Records of certain types of juvenile offenses can be expunged after five years.

It is essential to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal law attorney to completely understand your rights regarding expungements. At the Law Office of David A. Semanchik, we provide clear guidance and advice on these issues. We will help you at every phase of the process.

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