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When Debts Become Unmanageable

People from all zip codes and income brackets deal with debt problems. From a job loss to a medical emergency, no one is immune to suffering the significant financial burdens that result from an over-reliance on credit cards to shoulder unexpected expenses and make ends meet.

When debt problems balloon to the point where you are having difficulty making minimum monthly payments and calls from creditors become a daily occurrence, it is time to explore your debt resolution options.

Helping Individuals In Central New Jersey Break Free From Debt

For many individuals, filing for bankruptcy is a beneficial solution to numerous problems caused by overwhelming debt. However, it is also an important financial decision and one that comes with many considerations.

At the Law Office of David A. Semanchik, we can help you explore your options for debt relief, which may include:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy Eliminate non-secured debts associated with credit cards, medical bills, back rent, utility bills and some tax debts.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy Keep creditors at bay, negotiate debts down and establish a five-year debt repayment plan.
  • Debt settlement Negotiate reduced debt amounts to repay a fraction of the total debt amount.
  • Mortgage modification Prevent foreclosure by reducing monthly mortgage payments and interest amounts.

Solutions For Tax Debt Problems

If you file for bankruptcy more than three years after your taxes are assessed against you, your tax debt may be dischargeable. However, IRS tax problems are a complex area of law, so it pays to talk to a lawyer who has significant IRS experience at our firm.

Call Us To Discuss Your Debt Resolution Options

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