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Bankruptcy Considerations in New Jersey

For many individuals, families and businesses, filing bankruptcy is a beneficial solution to numerous problems caused by overwhelming debt. However, it is also an important financial decision and one that comes with many considerations.

At the Law Office of David A. Semanchik, we can help you explore your options for debt relief. Some of the most common questions we answer include:

  • Can't I get out of debt on my own?
    Maybe, but why waste months or years of your time trying to straighten out your debt when you may be eligible to simply discharge it? We can help you pursue a fresh start.
  • Are there alternatives to bankruptcy?
    Yes, we can help you look at possible options for mortgage modifications or debt settlement. We can often contact creditors and offer them 10 percent on the dollar for your debts.
  • Will bankruptcy affect my credit score?
    If you are being sued for debt, your credit score is already in dire shape. By allowing you to start over, bankruptcy can actually help pave the way to rebuilding your credit score.
  • What about the cost of filing?
    Usually for less than $2,000, you can file bankruptcy and discharge your unsecured debts. Most clients' debts amount to far more than the cost of filing, saving them a very significant amount of money over the long run.
  • Can I discharge tax debts through bankruptcy?
    If you file bankruptcy more than three years after your taxes are assessed against you, your tax debt may be dischargeable. However, IRS tax problems are a complex area of law, so it pays to talk to a lawyer with significant IRS experience.

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